The talentshed story

You know when you’re sitting there thinking “there must be a better way of doing things” and “why hasn’t anyone done that yet” – well, that was us…. but now, we’re doing it.

Our industry didn’t need another recruitment business, it needed something different. So, we made talentshed.

talentshed story

Our journey started back in 2015 when our MD and founder, Rob, hired our Marketing Director, Tom. Back then, Rob was Director of recruitment for Specsavers and brought in Tom to head up the marketing team. Together, they developed a new, innovative approach to recruitment that prioritised you, the professional. So, in 2019, talentshed was born.

Our model is different to anything else in the industry. To keep it short, we call ourselves a recruitment business, but the truth is we’re a recruitment, marketing and technology business all rolled into one.

However, when all is said and done, we’re a people business: just people helping other people to improve their lives. Simple as that.