About us

In the UK, with an ageing population, the demand for exceptional eye and hearing care is more critical than ever for maintaining a high quality of life. That's why it's our mission to extend the highest quality health care services beyond the high street - to make these essential services more accessible, more personal, and more effective. 

Our dedicated family of over 500 professionals is driven by a passion to change lives across the UK and more than 35 years since our inception, we are now the UK’s leading home eye and hearing care provider.

Thanks to the support of Optimism Health Group, we’ve expanded our family to include Vision Call, Care Opticians, and Bloom Hearing Specialists, strengthening our commitment to excellence.

Our Core Values: 

Clinical Excellence: We're dedicated to providing exceptional expertise, professionalism, and patient care. Our approach is centered around recognising the individual circumstances of each patient and adapting our services to meet their needs.

Positive Impact: We improve the lives of our patients through expert eye and hearing care. Our team is also encouraged to help us give back to our communities, support environmental goals creating a positive impact on the world around us.

Continuous Improvement: We're constantly pushing ourselves to reach new heights in our business. We're always seeking to expand our expertise, embrace new techniques, and refine our processes to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Join us on our journey, where every service we provide is a promise of enhanced vision and hearing, transforming lives one visit at a time.  

Find out more about us on our website via the button below or call our friendly in-house recruitment team on 01793 648 607 if you want more information about the opportunities near you. 

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