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About Talentshed

At talentshed, we do things a little (or a lot) differently to everyone else.

Our fresh take on the world of Optical and Audiology recruitment is already getting attention from great employers and talented professionals across the industries - now we’re putting the two together. Our approach takes the best of the recruitment, marketing and technology worlds and puts people at its core to make finding a new job better for everyone.

With revolutionary technology, like 24/7 chat functions, video messaging and talentassist; a personalised Optometry and Audiology career support service, our team truly go beyond recruitment.

When we say beyond recruitment, we mean doing more than matching you to our current list of jobs. The best way to find out how we can help you is to get in touch.

Talk to us: 01872 309090

Mail: hello@talentshed.co.uk

Our industry didn’t need another recruitment business, it needed something different. So we made talentshed.

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