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About FocalFort

FocalFort - "where your vision, is our focus"

We help Optical Professionals of all varieties find their perfect opportunity, whether that be with an Independent, Multiple, Franchise or Domiciliary Company.

Our efficient, discreet and confidential service is perfect for an Individual actively seeking a position, or like the vast proportion of people we speak to, someone who is only open minded to considering their options-but for the right opportunity.

We might not be Optometrists, but you will feel like you are speaking to someone who genuinely speaks YOUR language and TRULY understands where YOU are coming from.

We have heard every reason you can imagine with regards disgruntlement's or reasons for wanting a change, which after a brief conversation can also help us advise on where you might be better suited based on the criteria you set out to us. 

We truly love what we do, so do not hesitate to call us for a structured, non time consuming confidential conversation and we will do all we can to help! 

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