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About Us

Avizor is a laboratory dedicated to the manufacturing of solutions for the cleaning and maintenance of all types of contact lenses. We have been working in this field for over 25 years. Nowadays millions of users in more than 60 countries count on our products.

Some of our achievements are

Among our main achievements "EVERCLEAN"stands out due to its revolutionary formula. It is an exclusive product on the market and is based on a tablet with "Self Action" effect that achieves total cleaning of all the contact lenses. Ever Clean´s qualities have been accredited by the principal public and private investigation organizations.

Our facilities

In 2012 the company moved to completely new installations in Madrid. These offices and avant-garde factory have been the starting point for a renewal of the company at all levels. Today Avizor is a modern, avant-garde company, and this is reflected in our products.

Our commitment 

In January 2013 we launched our latest advance in R&D: Alvera, a new Avizor product that provides natural care.

After many years of investigation, the research department of Avizor has developed a way of transferring the most beneficial properties of Aloe Vera to a maintenance solution for contact lenses.

With this new factory, Avizor has doubled its production capacity. It is able to provide more and better attention to the requirements of all its customers. The market presence of the brand is very active and strong. And not only with its own range of products, also behind many brands there is an Avizor product.

We are committed to customer satisfaction and for this reason we take special care in the quality of our products. We have the European EC certificate in its most stringent version we also have the EN-ISO 13485 certification that fulfils the requirements of the EN-ISO 9001 norm for health care products.

Our secret 

Our secret is our constant commitment to be at the vanguard in contactology and develop products that are specific and innovative to solve each problem. For this reason, already in 1985 Avizor launched its first all in one solution on the market.



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