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Workplace Guide | Careers in Optics 2013

Published on: 10 Jun 2013

A job is what you make of it

Moving forward with your career is often associated with simply finding a new job. This is just the first step. As illustrated in this year’s Workplace Guide, developing skills and taking on more responsibility within a current role can be just as fulfilling.

Luckily, optics is well-served with employers who encourage their optometrists and dispensing opticians to go beyond the basic expectations. Some are even offering relocation to sunnier climates.

Results from the Optician Workplace Survey 2013 show that once practitioners land their dream job they tend to keep it - staying for an average of seven years. That said the flow of professionals between multiples, independents and supermarkets demonstrates the strong appetite for a new challenge within the sector.

During austere times the cliché of “any job is a good one” is all too widespread, and would be better replaces by a “job is what you make of it” mindset, because finding employment is only the beginning.

After all, optics is a healthy and exciting profession offering the chance to progress, whether by moving around or staying in the same place. What a strong position to be in.

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Joe Ayling,
Editor, Optician Workplace