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Why should a recruitment consultant be more than just a consultant?

Written by: Inspired Selections
Published on: 13 Oct 2020

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Your consultant should be your own personal brand ambassador; a person tasked with the sole objective of making the best career move for you!

Inspired have never been an agency who collects all your details and scatter guns your CV across the region and hope they land lucky!

Working with Inspired not only means that we have a good understanding of your skills, qualifications and experience, it also means we have our finger on the pulse. When an opportunity arises that fits your needs, background and aspirations, we will be amongst the first to know.

What’s more, we’ve probably already successfully placed candidates in the companies you would like to work for, we have developed a trusted partnership with the hiring managers - something YOU can take advantage of!

We have years of experience of offering sound advice and guidance. We will instil you with the confidence to walk through the door and ace the interview.

An Inspired consultant will alleviate much of the stress that is associated with making the leap. Being the middle man, giving advice, counselling you pre-interview-that’s what we excel at!

To demonstrate our approach here is a small sample of those tricky questions and answers that we would like to share with you.

Follow the links to watch the videos and take advantage of our expertise. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions...

Is now the right time to move jobs?

Be honest with yourself; is your career progressing? Do you have job satisfaction? Are you happy with your salary and work life balance? If you answered no, then it’s time to talk to us. Find out how working with an agency that has more clients than almost all the others put together will increase your chances of success. 


Help! I’ve been made redundant what should I do?

Firstly, don’t panic, although highly stressful our consultants will offer advice, interview counselling and put you in front of some great employers almost straight away.


Is now the right time to relocate?
Before you sell the city pad and start a new rural life, talk to us about your reasons for leaving your current role and what you are looking for from country life.


What can I do to stand out from the crowd?

Think about your strengths, what you are really good at, then think about how this is symbolised in your CV. Talk to us today about how you can put yourself at the front of the pack.