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Weekends are for you!

Written by: Outside Clinic
Published on: 12 Jun 2018

Weekends are for you!

Are you fed up of working at the weekends? Are you finding that you are declining all your friend’s weddings due to work commitments? Or are you missing out on quality family time? The Outside Clinic offers Optom’s their weekends back allowing free time to spend as you wish.

Rachael and Simon are both Super Optometrists who have worked with the company for a combined 23 years. Rachael is a keen runner with two young daughters who run rings around her and her husband. Simon is a cricket player and rugby fan and has two children with his wife.

Jason is a Super Locum Optometrist at The Outside Clinic. He first joined the company as an employed Optom 6 years ago, he then left the company but returned shortly afterwards. Jason is married with two young boys aged one and four.

Nisha is the newest addition to The Outside Clinic team; she started as a Business Development Manager eight months ago. She is a qualified dispensing optician, but she focuses on several different projects that will help develop the business move onwards and upwards.

How much do you value your weekends off?

R: I love it. It is one of the things that got me interested in domiciliary work initially. I can’t imagine going back to a job on weekends now; I would hate to miss my family time.

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S: I can’t imagine it either. My old job meant working three out of four Saturdays and some Sundays. It meant missing weddings, cricket and other sports events and missing out on doing things with my kids that they love.

Did you miss out on a lot of occasions when you were working weekends in previous roles?

N: Absolutely, I no longer have excuses not to attend the hundreds of weddings that keep cropping up but I love spending time with friends and family and being able to celebrate with my friends is very special.

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J: Yea, we are often invited to weddings, children’s parties, BBQ’s.

N: I love that I don’t have to work weekends anymore, but with six weddings this year it is going to cost me a fortune!

With young children, do you value your free time?

J: For me, it's so important to have time with my family, my boys are aged one and four, but I am told they don’t stay young for long.

S: I love having the time to spend with my kids and go on family days out.

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J: There is so much more happening on the weekends; local events we can get involved with, things I used to miss out on when I worked every Saturday.

R:  It is great to use the weekends for quality family time.

For a lot of people, weekends are about playing or watching sport, is this true for you?

J: Yea, not working on weekends means that I can keep up with all the sport- rugby, football and formula one racing to name a few.

R: If I do get some time to myself I enjoy running and cycling. I used to play hockey and do triathlons. Matches and events are always on weekends which means that I get to take part in those.

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S: I am similar to Rachael really, I play cricket for Ponteland and I watch Newcastle Falcons play rugby. I recently completed a triathlon of events including the Great North Bike ride, Great North Run and more recently the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere all while raising money for charities such as Alzheimer’s Society.

N: I am also really into fitness, like Simon and Rachael, so I like to be able to get to the gym. I do pole and aerial hoop fitness classes on the weekend.

Are there any other activities you like to do?

N:  Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of my weekends trying to make my garden look pretty again.

J:   We have also been doing work around our home, doing renovations on our Victorian terraced house.  We also like to go to Church on Sundays as a family.

S: I like to challenge myself to something new every now and again. Having the weekends off gives me more opportunity to try new things.

J: Before joining The Outside Clinic, I had always worked on Saturdays, from the age of 15, then through University and into my professional career. It had become normal, but now I see the things I was missing out on, I can’t imagine going back to working weekends. 

The Outside Clinic is driving eye care forward by giving Optometrist’s the opportunity to take the sight test out of the test room and into a patient’s home.  Whilst this is an exciting challenge for those that have never experience domiciliary before it also offers a better work-life balance.

If you are interested in getting your weekends back please visit to book one of our Taster Experience Days or contact our Recruitment team on 01793 648 607.