The Perfect Appointment Diary – by The Outside Clinic

Published on: 19 May 2017

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    Preparation time:

    30 minutes approximately

    Cooking time:

    Over 1 hour


    7 patients approximately



This wonderful mixture of delightful patients and well-planned journeys is refreshingly different, uplifting and rewarding. Success relies on having the full support of a dedicated and experienced scheduling team to run the diary. No need to rush each appointment, feel free to give as much time as the patient needs to receive an outstanding professional service.


For your dedicated Appointment Booker:

Computer with bespoke software showing the planned daily appointments
Telephone close at hand
Knowledge and common sense to create an efficient and realistic route for the optician
Refreshments and a cheerful voice

For the Optician:

Company car (fully expensed) with sat nav with real time updates
Professional ID badge
Case containing portable diagnostic equipment
Tablet to take electronic patient records
Mobile phone to stay in contact with the Scheduling team or your Professional Services Support team
A friendly smile

For the daily diary:

Approx. 7 patients – called and confirmed
A well-planned, easy and realistic route


(to be fulfilled by the Appointment Booker)


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  • Build a sensible route. Organise appointments to meet time constraints of the patients whilst keeping travel time to a minimum. 
  • Phone each patient with a big measure of enthusiasm and a large pinch of customer service to confirm their visit.
  • Add and remove patients throughout the day according to their specific needs.
  • Ensure the optician has full details of each patient including the exact address of each house call.
  • Stay in constant contact with the optician giving help and support.
  • If necessary, due to traffic problems or appointments running over, re-arrange the diary and re-plan the route.


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