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The changing face of optical recruitment

Written by: Vivid Optical
Published on: 28 Apr 2021

Recruitment and innovation go hand in hand. Even before the pandemic, some companies had already started using video interviewing as part of the interview process, to pre-screen candidates before inviting them for an in-person interview. At Vivid Optical, we were already using and utilising video interviewing to support our clients in the recruitment process, especially in the case of relocation from abroad or a different region of the UK. This technology and this method of recruitment is here to stay. Our advice to our clients is to consider the benefits of undertaking the first stages of any interview process through a virtual conferencing app or even by phone, especially whilst social distancing rules are in effect. Of course, there is no substitute to a face to face meeting but in a candidate lead market like optometry, any delay can cost the opportunity to recruit.

COVID-19 has affected many things and recruitment is no different. Whilst some industries have seen a rapid decline in hiring and a long-term impact, there have been a few that have seen demand soar. Optometry is definitely the latter.

Now that the UK has returned to some semblance of normal and the world is opening back up, the need for optical staff across the industry has increased significantly. Vivid Optical are currently working with more clients than ever. We have expanded our network of independent and regional clients, as well as maintaining and developing our relationships with the multiple and domiciliary providers across the UK.  With more jobs than ever (currently working on 800 vacancies across the UK), our clients are more proactive, more progressive, and ultimately more determined than pre-covid. Optical recruitment is booming, and Vivid Optical are at the forefront of this.