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Super Optometry

Written by: Optician Jobs
Published on: 30 Oct 2017

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To our patients, Super Optom’s are superheroes. But how do you become one yourself? Read on to find out how The Outside Clinic can give you the courage and skills to earn your cape and take your first steps into Super Optometry

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Find your inner superhero and courage to put on your cape!

The role of Super Optom is a fantastic challenge that provides you with a galaxy of additional skill sets, both commercial and clinical, as well as stratospheric levels of job satisfaction. The Outside Clinic superhero training gives you all the support and courage you need to take this daring step in your career. 

Emma Hewitt, one of our finest Super Optom’s said: “Working as a Super Optom improves both your clinical and communication skills. You learn to stay calm and in control and you learn how best to communicate with any given individual. The skills I’ve learned as a Super Optom will stay with me for the rest of my Optometric career.”

Working as a Super Optom for over a year now Emma was previously a hospital optometrist.  She has excelled in her profession and proven that hard work and training can lead to victory.  She told us: “At first, the huge variety of people and environments was challenging. You never quite know what to expect when you knock on the door to someone’s home, and it took a while to get used to this. However, once you get past the physical and mental challenge, it is immensely rewarding. There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping those people who need it most.”

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A superhero is a friend to any being in need of rescue

Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and Super Optom’s are the heroes flying into their homes. Dressed in smart business attire, you arrive on the scene ready to improve their vision, check their eye health and help them choose the best pair of new spectacles.

Dispensing is a skill many regular optometrists learnt about at University and may have practiced in the early days of their careers but over time it becomes dormant and gets pushed to the back of their minds. Dan Edwards, the National Optical Commercial Manager at The Outside Clinic believes that the thought of dispensing ‘petrifies them’ as ‘they see themselves as clinicians’ rather than being commercially motivated. 

Emma said: “As a hospital optometrist I never had conversion targets or average order value targets. I was apprehensive about the commercial element, but actually, I really enjoy dispensing now; I feel good helping people to choose something that suits their needs and makes them feel good.”

Emma enjoys the satisfaction of helping her patients choose something that will really make a difference. Nikesh Lad, a fellow Super Optom agrees, adding that he also enjoys the way it breaks up every day routine. “I did a bit of dispensing previously as a practice manager but not a huge amount. To be honest I was getting bored of doing 20 – 25 sight tests a day. It wasn’t challenging enough. As a Super Optom I enjoy dispensing a lot, it breaks up the day and gives a bit of variety,” he said. Nikesh has excelled in his position as Super Optom and he now works in our Professional Services team supporting his colleagues. 

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We put the power in your hands with fast-track training

Being a Super Optom is challenging and rewarding, but with great power comes great responsibility. Fortunately, you’re not alone, as The Outside Clinic offers some of the best training in the known universe.

For the first week you are in our head office in Swindon learning how to use the advanced equipment and other technical aspects of the job. Sales training is focused around helping your patients choose what they need, rather than doing a pushy hard-sell.   You’ll also attend a Driver Safety Programme and have the opportunity to meet and talk with the Professional Services Team who you will soon have on speed dial on your mobile phone.

You will also go out with one of our National Trainers to complete your first sight test at home and get familiar with the tablet and equipment that is used. You will have a National Trainer assigned to you for the next four weeks of your training until you are confident to stand alone.

 “I can honestly say that I got excellent support from my National Trainer, Chris and the team when I started,” said Emma about her initial training. “He told me everything I needed to know about dispensing for The Outside Clinic. He taught me all about the pricing structure, the lens designs and the frames. I was taught how to use the tablet system before even leaving the office to visit a patient.

“Chris’ relaxed and supportive attitude put me at ease for our first visit together in Swindon. I spent about two-weeks training with Chris in Manchester, where I am based. Gradually he would invite me to set up the equipment or do the printing of the forms at the end, until eventually all these things became second nature and really the eye test itself was the only part that required my attention.”

Nikesh also remembers how much support he received when he first joined The Outside Clinic. “The first day was very daunting. Some people work best when chucked in at the deep end and others work better when they are eased into it.  I was glad there was a lot of support as it was a lot to take in at once.

“It was a big learning curve but once you learn the processes it becomes easier. Unlike Emma, I had more than one trainer during the first few weeks. I got a lot of hand holding while I was learning and it was reassuring knowing that there was always someone at the end of the phone. Working with a variety of people is quite useful and I got to see a range of different ways that people work. Going from high street to domiciliary is not always easy but it’s very rewarding. Super Optom is the way forward.”

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Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with

After the initial four-week training you’ll be flying solo as a superhero for the first time. However, just like Batman and Robin, the partnership does not end there. You’ll have regular contact once a week and a trainer will visit all Super Optom’s to discuss any concerns or queries. Head office are also on call for anything you need and they are more than happy to help in any way possible.

“I continue to receive brilliant support,” said Emma. “The national trainers support me in the field and the pro-services team in head office are always on hand to give me sound clinical advice whenever I need a second opinion or to check the facts. If an urgent referral comes up, the clinical services team are there to manage everything with you,” said Emma.

At The Outside Clinic, superheroes don’t need to go it alone. A tailored training programme and a huge team means that being a Super Optom is a fantastic opportunity if you’re seeking the next challenge in your career. As well as helping people who really need it, benefits include a company car, commission, greater control over your time and no weekend working. But the biggest reward is being able to make a difference to people’s lives every day.

You don’t need to be strong like a superhero you just need to be better than you were yesterday and smash through those barriers preventing you from progressing in every way. HULK Smash!

If you are interested in the challenge of life as a Super Optom, then book a free Taster Experience at The Outside Clinic.  It’s your chance to get your hands on the advanced portable diagnostic equipment that will turn you into a super hero, and discover what it’s really like to change people’s lives one test at a time. Cape optional.  To book your Taster Experience, just call our Recruitment Manager Jim Gilbert on 01793 648 607.

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