Journey of Locumotive

Written by: Locumotive
Published on: 16 Aug 2022

Journey of Locumotive

As an Optometrist, locum work has always been an exciting career opportunity, with flexible working and attractive rates, however, starting this journey is always daunting. If you are new or have years of experience, there are key challenges all locums will face.

Finding work can be difficult, there are only two options, word of mouth or traditional locum agencies, who give you no support other than date and rates.  There is no guidance out there in the industry of how to be a good locum, how to manage patients in new practices, using new systems, different referral pathways and how to support the practice…the list goes on.

At the time of creating Locumotive, I was 4 years qualified but had been working within optics for 8 years. I worked in multiple roles from lead optometrist to store manager for multiple practices whilst locuming on the side. From having a good understanding of the industry, I was shocked how little support there was for both locums and practices when trying to find work. Barriers are placed by recruiters, communication is poor, if anything went wrong there was no support, there was no one to ask questions to, becoming a locum was a leap of faith.

In finding the solution it led me to the creation of Locumotive. My mission was simple; I wanted to create a tool that both practices and locums can use to excel their business and careers, providing support and education to everyone whilst breaking down the barriers by providing transparency between the parties.

Today Locumotive is a smart application powered by Vivid Optical that allows locums to find and negotiate work across the country. But we don’t stop there, Locumotive helps manage locums invoices, expenses and communication. Practices have all the information they need within the palm of their hand, such insurance details and compliance information. Locumotive has made a strong community that we support through CPD articles, tips on how to use new systems, referrals, finance and general advice about locuming. Our mission is to connect professionals together by giving them all the tools and support to excel.

Gautam Passi

Optometrist and Founder

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