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IR35: The Locum Solution

Written by: Vivid Optical
Published on: 13 Jan 2020

IR35: The Locum Solution

The intricacies of IR35 cannot be explained in a matter of words, sentences, paragraphs or even pages. It is much more complex than that; the legislation lacks clarity. If you are not aware of what IR35 is and its potential impact, we would really advise to check out the legislation in more detail as it will no doubt have huge ramifications in the optical industry.

For those that have an understanding of it, we are sure you can agree it will be very blurred in distinguishing whether some is actually self-employed or in fact a “disguised employee”.  Our thoughts are confusion over what is what will certainly rein for a long period.

In a nutshell, the reason for its introduction is to stop workers fraudulently claiming expenses and gaining tax benefits

This is where Vivid Optical can help and assist…

The Vivid Group has extensive experience working in the public sector (where IR35 came into force in 2017) through its Technology and Healthcare companies. With this expertise, Vivid Optical are all set to help and assist locums following the introduction of IR35.

With a network of the very best experts in the UK, Vivid Optical will be able to provide a solution that will be impossible to achieve without us. We are connected to some of the biggest companies in the market to assist locums/contractors with the new tax legislations.

For more information, please get in touch on or call 0207 952 6677.