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Get a feel for The Outside Clinic with a Taster Experience.

Written by: Outside Clinic
Published on: 4 Jan 2019

How do you know if a job is right for you before you apply?  Especially if it means taking a leap into a new branch of optometry that you’ve never considered before.

At The Outside Clinic you can book a free, no-commitment Taster Experience to see for yourself what 21st Century domiciliary is really like.  And when we say ‘experience’ we mean just that.

Technology and equipment are the biggest eye-openers for most people.  On the Taster Experience, you’ll get to use a mobile version of nearly every type of instrument you would find in a high street practice.  You also have a chance to go out in the field and discover what it’s like to conduct a test in someone’s home rather than a windowless practice room.

So just what happens on your Taster Experience?

Taking place at our head offices in Swindon, you will get a chance to meet our fantastic team.  From Scheduling to Professional Services, you will gain a much greater understanding of the teams that are there to support all our Optoms in the field.

After this you will have the opportunity to learn more about The Outside Clinic from none other than the CEO himself, Damian Kenning.  Damian will take you through the history of The Outside Clinic as well as some of the fantastic systems in place that ensure The Outside Clinic remains at the forefront of clinical care.

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You will also have the opportunity to see the fantastic mobile equipment that all our Optoms use.  Including a Digital Fundus Camera, Mobile Slit Lamps, I-Care Tonometer and the famous Eyeris Tablet.

Conducting a sight test in the home

Next you will visit a patient with one of our Professional Services Optometrist.  It’s the best way to get a true insight into what it’s like to treat a real patient in their own home, with their books, TV and lighting.  You can appreciate the enormous difference you would make to people’s lives and experience their gratitude for your help.

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High Tech Portable Equipment

As well as you own Ophthalmoscope, you’ll get to use a variety of portable instruments including:

  • LCD screen with log MAR chart
  • Mobile Slit Lamp
  • Digital Fundus Camera
  • I-Care Tonometer
  • Eyeris Tablet

One of the things you will notice is how easy our digital Eyeris record keeping tablet is to use.  Designed by our own Optometrists, the system works with you as you do the test, so you can give the patient more of your time.

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Matching your Career Aspirations

Upon returning to the office it will be time for us to find out something about you and your hopes and goals for your career.  Would you prefer to work five days a week or four? Do you like working alone of with an assistant?

Naturally we don’t ask you how many weekends off you want, as we don’t work any! Every weekend and bank holiday off.

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There is no commitment on your part – but if you like what you see and think this could be your next career move, then we can provide you with contract options based around your situation and aspirations such as working 3,4 or 5 days per week.

Now you can be one of the many Optometrists who have already taken advantage of this unique opportunity.  They often tell us that it’s been an amazing day full of surprises.  “I had no idea domiciliary was so advanced.  The equipment is incredible.” Is typical of the comments we hear.

All in all, our taster experiences last around 4 hours and can be tailored for each Optometrist.  If there is a specific aspect you would like to know more about then we can incorporate that into the day.

How to book a Taster Experience

So how do you book your Taster Experience?  Simply call Alex on 01793 648602 or email and we can put a date in the diary.  There is nothing to prepare apart from bringing your driving licence, passport, ophthalmoscope and retinoscope, along with an open mind.  We have lots of exciting options available throughout Britain so book today.