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Fall in love with optometry again

Written by: Outside Clinic
Published on: 1 Oct 2018

Fall in love with optometry again

Have you lost your passion for Optometry? Want your weekends back? Do you need a change?

Fall in love with optometry again at The Outside Clinic.

At-home testing can be challenging, but this is also what makes it so exciting. It offers you variety, new skills, flexibility and a great work-life balance (have you heard that we don’t work weekends!). You can make a real difference to the lives of those that you visit in the community - those that are so desperately in need of eye care but are unable to get to the high street.

We believe that you need the right amount of time with each patient to better understand their needs and build a relationship, so a usual day will only see you visiting between six to seven patients. The patients are more relaxed and confident in their own homes, and by using their environment to your advantage, you can improve their sight, giving them a new lease of life - enabling them to read their favourite book, watch their evening soaps and look back at photos of loved ones. You can truly see the difference you make by helping people get back to the things they enjoy.

OC October 1

Why not get back to the things you love as well. We offer full and part-time work, allowing flexibility around any commitments and providing a rewarding work-life balance. We never work bank holidays or weekends so you can get your Saturday lie-ins back.

You won’t have piles of paperwork to complete either. Our unique EYEris tablet system, fundus camera and equipment have proven valuable, and it all fits into the boot of your company car. With the support of our head office staff, the days will fly by and the weekends will be back around again before you know it.

Get in touch to start your love affair with at-home testing.

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