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Designed for Optometrists by Optometrists

Written by: Outside Clinic
Published on: 6 Mar 2018

The Outside Clinic offers a unique bespoke tablet system, called EYEris, that has helped us as a business better adapt to the changing face of optometry by improving the whole patient experience, raising industry standards and making the lives of Optometrists easier. We chat with one of the inventors about the construction of their creation.

It all started with a sheet of A4 paper

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Key to the success of the system is the fact that EYEris (EYE record information system) was designed for Optometrists by Optometrists. As I sat down with one of the designers of The Outside Clinic's bespoke tablet system I can see and hear how passionate he is about the creation. Nick Wingate, Director of Professional Services, invented EYEris with his colleague and Optometrist of the Year 2018, Steve Clark. It has since proven itself as an efficient, flexible and brilliant piece of equipment that promotes great quality record keeping, keeps the test patient-focused and gives each Optometrist their individuality.

It all started nine years ago when "we sat down, and we had one blank sheet of A4 paper. What we decided was that we wanted it to be like a paper record because a lot of current systems are multi-layered," said Nick. By asking the company’s Optometrists for feedback on the various systems that they have used Nick discovered that the "major thing they wanted to see was that everything was on one page." Not only does this make it easier for the Optometrist to record all the information but also enables them to go back to specific bits of information easily and quickly.

Making the life of our Super Optom’s easier

Nick and Steve succeeded in creating EYEris. It allows the test to be completed without needing to switch pages, it also has other features built in that makes the life of a Super Optom so much easier. All the boxes are highlighted red, and when the Optom enters information it changes to blue so it’s easy to see at a glance if enough data has been entered. The boxes can be completed in any order and includes a large number of pre-set buttons. In addition, every Optometrist has the ability to create their own extra buttons and order them to fit in with any routine and style of record keeping.

"We wanted it to be flexible enough for colleagues to understand that everybody tests in different ways. It works in whatever order, in whatever way you want it to work. Optometrists all test slightly differently” said Nick. It also "promotes good quality testing and excellent quality records by ensuring that everything is completed as much as possible."

The Outside Clinic’s Professional Services Manager, Matthew Burford said: "It enhances my efficiency throughout the visit as well as ensuring I maintain a consistently high level of record keeping. Something which is vital to our patient demographic."

Keeping the sight test patient-focused

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“As domiciliary practitioners, we are perhaps under greater pressure because there are other factors outside of the actual test that may influence us. We are also in a privileged situation being in somebody's home, so it is important for us that we use this opportunity to give the patient "100% of our time while still being mindful of our regulatory and record keeping responsibilities," said Nick.

“We wanted to give the Optometrists the opportunity to keep engaged with the patient rather than sitting there staring at the screen but we also have to make the records comprehensive in a sensible amount of time to be able to provide a service to a reasonable number of patients. So, it is really important to get that balance right."

In addition to these features, the system also includes the ability to print referral letters, NHS forms, take card payments, complete all the dispensing information and attach a fundus camera to upload digital retinopathy images to the file. All while keeping the record card legible and accessible.

Matt Burford said that: "I can create patient-specific record cards without withdrawing from the patient interaction. Linking to the mobile printer and utilising the bespoke referral templates means that administrative tasks are kept to a minimum. This allows me to concentrate on delivering a high standard of service.”

Experience our unique EYEris tablet system

It is possible the most intuitive method of creating high quality, in-depth and patient-specific eye test records while maintaining a continuity of care and keeping the test patient focused. A completed record can be sent to the head office securely within 15 minutes, allowing The Outside Clinic to support Optometrists on the road in a much more efficient and accurate way and ensuring that patients receive the appropriate care and advice.

"This has made a massive difference, mainly from a patient care point of view because we can answer questions about the patient straight away, so if an advocate or even the patient needs some reassurance we have all the information at our fingertips," said Nick.

The ability to upload the digital retinal photographs allows Optometrists to “identify any clinical changes over the life of a patient journey” and offers them more support and reassurance from head office.

Nick is overwhelmed with how successful the system has been for the company and is delighted with the reactions of people who come in for the Outside Clinic’s unique Taster Experience days, open to any Optometrist who is interested in finding out more about working in today’s technology-led domiciliary sector.

“Whether someone comes in for a Taster Experience or an interview the two main things they want to see is the tablet and the portable fundus camera. For me that is massive. We know it’s a great piece of kit because we have 100 plus people who use it day in, day out creating fantastic records. But it’s nice when someone not connected with the business comes in and says that this is the best system they have ever seen.”

If you would like to come and see for yourself how flexible our EYEris tablet system is then call us to book a free Taster Experience Day on 01793 648 607

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