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Create your future - make 2020 super

Written by: Outside Clinic
Published on: 24 Jan 2020

Create your future - make 2020 super

Picture domiciliary in 100 years, teleporting to patients homes and conducting sight tests with just one gadget (probably a bit far-fetched) - while we aren't quite there yet, our team at OutsideClinic are very focused on the future.

Looking after people's eyes for over 30 years, we have come far in the world of optometry, and we are striving to keep improving ourselves even further over the next 30 and making this decade super.

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While we are years away from teleporting or flying cars, we are hoping to invest in some electric vehicles in the near future. But first, we need to ensure they meet the requirements of the company before making any permanent changes to our fleet.

Who know's what a futuristic sight test might one day look like.  For now, our optometrists are completing the examinations with top of the range equipment -including our bespoke EYEris tablet system. 

After nine months in development, we will soon be launching version six onto the tablet and integrating various updates so that we continue to improve ourselves. Updates will include an unlimited amount of preset buttons to create more patient-specific records. This will enable our optometrists to be able to stay engaged with their patient while still completing comprehensive records.

Equipment in optics is continually becoming more advanced, particularly within the world of domiciliary. We hope to invest in some further kit in the future to help towards early disease detection. Still, while we wait for a portable version of this equipment to be developed, we will continue with what we do best - looking after our patients.

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We have also started to integrate the new eGOS system, which enables our optometrists to submit GOS claims electronically. This development gives us the ability to submit GOS forms in real-time, higher accuracy of payments, more detailed online statements and of course, more environmentally friendly.

Along with our equipment updates, we also have legal changes for 2020. From 6th April, new legislation (IR35) takes force, resulting in organisations deciding the status of their contractors for tax purposes. Due to this change, we have seen several of our locum optometrists taking charge of their future and switching over to an employed role with us. We hope to see more of our locum's transition to an employed position over the next couple of months.

We can only predict what the future of optometry will look like; however, the best way to predict your future is to create it. We encourage forward-thinking optometrists to join our team and make 2020 super - if you would like to discuss a domiciliary position with us, then please contact us on 01793 648 602 or email

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