Optical Express

United Kingdom

About Optical Express

Optical Express is the number one laser eye surgery provider in the UK. Every week, we carry out thousands of procedures and, thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and commitment to quality care, we continuously deliver outstanding results.

Since it's conception in 1991 the Group's portfolio has developed to include Optical Retail Stores providing spectacles and contact lens, laser eye surgery Clinics, healthcare services and cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments. The Group currently operates in the UK, US, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, and The Netherlands.

The Optical Express Group has grown exponentially and continues to add to its portfolio through a strategy of organic expansion and acquisition. The Group continues to consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, staff, local communities and the environment, in all aspects of their operations. The Group is committed to various programmes of support and has taken further steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their families, as well as for the local community.

As a market leader and one of the leading technological innovators in the world, the Optical Express Group provides international opportunities for their employees.
With substantial investments in staff, the most technologically advanced lasers and surgical equipment, the Group confirms its commitment to excellence, ensuring a world class service. The Optical Express Group is a visionary business that is expanding both nationally and internationally and is committed to patient satisfaction, safety and wellbeing.

We understand that refractive surgery can be a life-changing procedure. That's why we employ experienced, world-leading eye surgeons and have invested over £1 million in advanced technology for each of our clinics.

Optical Express surgeons have performed over 1 million refractive surgery procedures worldwide. In a recent survey of 252,179 Optical Express patients, over 99% told us they would recommend us to their family and friends. Globally, our ophthalmic surgeons have a combined surgical experience of over 1,000 years practising ophthalmology and over 700 years performing refractive surgery. Every year in the UK, more than double the number of patients trust Optical Express to perform their laser eye surgery than any other provider. In a study completed in September 2014 of 336,381 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat, over 99% achieved 20/20 vision or better following treatment.

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