Working with a Recruitment Agency in 2016

Published: 01 Jan 2016

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Choosing which Recruitment Consultancy to support your career in 2016.

The REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) asked people to rank the importance of various life decisions the average person has to make, choosing what job to do was judged the most important – more important than deciding where to live, when to start a family or even who to have as friends. REC members empower people to make those important choices and understand that getting the right job is a special moment in life.

Jobs transform lives, which is why we The REC are building the best recruitment industry in the world. As the professional body for recruitment they are absolutely passionate and totally committed in this pursuit for recruiters, employers, and the people they hire.

Consultancies that join the REC agree to abide by a Code of Professional Practice, and must pass The REC Compliance Test every two years to continue being members. If you're looking for a recruitment company, always look for one that is an REC member.

Choosing the right Recruitment Consultancy.

In today’s competitive market place finding a new position can be a time consuming and daunting task so it is extremely important to get right first time. The ramifications of working with the wrong consultancy and taking the wrong position can be long lasting and difficult to explain.

By working with a professional consultancy and experienced consultant greatly minimises the potential for mistakes, however, it is vital that the relationship is open and honest and that the consultant fully understands what you are looking for from the outset.

Before you register with any recruitment agency or consultancy you should ensure that as a minimum they are a compliant member of The REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) and that they operate to International Standards ISO 9001.

These accreditations serve as a clear indication of a quality service provider, thus instilling confidence and peace of mind for candidates they represent.

What this means to Candidates.

No cost to yourself - From initial registration all the way through to a successful outcome, a comprehensive free service is received.

All Consultants operate to REC and International Standards – Experienced Consultants that have long and established relationships with major clients within your chosen sector.

Ensure that your CV is protected! Everything discussed is Confidential – The Consultancy will only release your personal details once they have received your approval, meaning that your CV will Not be released to any organisation without your prior consent.

Pre and Post Interview Support – Professional interview advice is provided as standard.

Access to Exclusive and Unadvertised Jobs and Opportunities – You will be informed as soon as they are released.

You will always receive unbiased and objective advice – As standard from An REC Compliant Recruitment Consultancy; they will always suitably match against your preferred criteria and you will always receive unbiased and objective advice as standard.

They should provide a free out of hour’s service – This means that they will be available from 08:00 - 20:00 hours providing you access to a consultant before and after work, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Working with your Consultant.

It's not enough to register with a recruitment Consultancy and then expect interviews and a new job to follow automatically. The most successful job seekers are the most proactive!

Things to consider when working with your Consultant:

Give your consultant as much information as possible.

Decide what salary range and benefit package you are looking for, what locations you are willing to consider i.e. how far you are willing to travel, hours of work, what type of role you want to do and if there are any jobs that you wouldn’t do, or types of organisations that you wouldn’t work for.

Make sure your CV is accurate and up to date

This will save you and your consultant a lot of time. Consider advice from your recruitment consultant about improving your CV - remember they are the professionals and they want to help you secure that new position.

Be proactive!

Keep in regular contact with your recruitment consultant, they should do this is as standard, however, call them once a week if not and let them know you are still looking for a new position.

Protecting Your CV in 2016!

Moving into 2016 this has never been so important, given that your CV includes your vital personal data, it is imperative to know exactly where your CV is going to before you upload or press send, with serious career implications if unsure!

Given the amount of noncompliant and unethical Recruitment Agencies operating online and across The UK, it is vital you that you choose a consultancy that you either know and trust or one that operates to the standards outlined previously.

Flame Health Associates LLP is one of the UK's leading specialist healthcare recruitment consultancies, with over 150 years of experience in the organisation.

As an organisation, we operate to International Standards ISO9001, in addition, we are Compliant Corporate Members of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and are committed to its professional code of conduct.

If you are a candidate or client and have any questions regarding points raised within this Hub article, please contact us confidentially on:

0800 085 0858 – 

flame health

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